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Smartphone app & beacons

New technology brings benefits

Our coffee loyalty app works by detecting very small ‘beacons’ positioned at the point of sale in cafés and stores.

When a customer enters a café and opens the Royalty app on their smartphone, the beacon recognises the customer, the café’s branding is displayed in the app and the customer instantly sees how many coffee stamps they’ve got.

To collect another coffee stamp, the customer touches their phone to the beacon and a stamp is wirelessly added to their coffee card.

Once the customer has 10 stamps, they claim a free coffee and touch the plastic beacon to reset the coffee card. No need for a cardboard card!

Transforming retail

For the wider retail sector, the new technology is tipped to drive one of the largest retail transformations since e-commerce.

Shoppers who download a store-brand app will be recognised by the beacon when they’re instore. The beacons can be set to any number of features, including notifying the shopper of specials on at that time and helping them with way-finding around the store.

Innovation with engagement

Royalty is an example of how we have taken a cutting-edge innovation and delivered a practical, valuable and fun implementation that realises the technology’s potential.