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NZ On Screen - iOS app

Managing the process

The NZ On Screen website showcases a wealth of New Zealand TV, film and video content. Their exciting vision for the Reel Choice iOS app was to make that content available to mobile users.

Taking their initial concept and wireframes, our designer developed the Reel Choice icon from hand-drawn sketches and drew a custom title font to create a sense of nostalgia around the media collection.

Delivering value early

With an eight-week timeframe, having something to show early on was extremely important.

Our team collaborated closely with the project director to deliver the main features quickly, and she was able to review and feed back on working software every week. Within a few weeks we proudly delivered a releasable product.

Staying nimble

Because we delivered value in such a short timeframe, the NZ Film Commission made a commitment to come on board with further funding.

Usually the addition of a new partner can make life a little difficult. However, using Agile, we flexibly accommodated changes in priorities and budget, delivering a sleek application that promotes New Zealand’s screen culture.

Count Homogenised, anyone?