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Collaborating for success

IRD’s goal was to give their customers easy access to online services on the go with a mobile app. With a clear vision in place, they asked us to provide user experience design and Agile coaching for their internal development team.

We helped the IRD form an Agile team, and we coached their product owner and scrum team throughout the project. The team succeeded in delivering a high-value app within a very short timeframe.

Smooth running

To kick off the design process, we worked closely with the IRD team and their stakeholders to map user experiences for the app. We identified the functionality needed to make sure the app would meet their business objectives.

Agile gave the team flexibility at every stage of the project. During the development phase, the team easily incorporated any unexpected changes and flashes of brilliance generated by the project’s large group of stakeholders.

Even when disaster struck and a key developer was removed from the project, we didn’t tear our hair out. Agile meant we handled this smoothly, and the project was completed on time and to budget.

The rewards

The IRD was so impressed that members of the team received the Director General’s award in recognition of their superb work.

Another winner was the collaborative use of Agile, not only to speed up the delivery and reduce costs, but to boost the in-house knowledge of development team. This will continue to be of benefit to the IRD’s future projects.