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Finding the right partner

When the founder of FillingGaps couldn’t find what he needed in a development partner in Melbourne, he turned to Boost. He even moved to Wellington for the first phase of development!

fillinggaps.co.nz is a directory of dental surgeries, dentists and their services. It provides an easy way for people to find dentists at a location near them. It gives dentists an online presence without the expense of developing their own website.

Fast results with Lean

Applying Lean principles, we worked with FillingGaps to identify the minimum viable product they could use to test the market.

Then we got started on development, and five weeks later, fillinggaps.co.nz was launched and presented to the dental industry for feedback.

Total transparency

In order to launch a product that completely satisfied our client’s objectives, we collaborated with the FillingGaps team on the design and build of every feature and interaction.

This not only sped up the process but gave FillingGaps a very high level of understanding and input into what we were designing and developing.

Thanks to our experience with Lean start-ups, were also happy to provide advice and support on how FillingGaps could best get their product to market to test their target audience’s appetite for the service.