Debtor Daddy

iOS app design and development

Finding the best way forward

Debtor Daddy’s web application depersonalises debt collection by using standard templates that vary according to the age of the debt.

Looking to extend their web app’s functionality, Debtor Daddy asked us to facilitate a workshop to help them identify and prioritise a new set of features.

Next they asked us to develop a mobile app that would let small business owners manage invoices and debtors while on the move. As with the web app, we kicked off with a high-level workshop to identify clear outcomes and the product’s required features.

The customer at the centre

Data on outstanding invoices and level of automated messages applied to each debtor is supplied through the integration of an API. We worked closely with Debtor Daddy’s internal development team to devise required data for the app.

After two weeks of development, we delivered a product for Debtor Daddy to take to their customers for feedback.

We used the feedback to refine our understanding of what Debtor Daddy’s customers truly need. We continued to deliver the project in stages and to test and validate our ideas until we were satisfied with the product and ready to launch.