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AV Pods

National Library of NZ

Pod life

Futuristic-looking seat pods dotted throughout the National Library building are where you can sit quietly with a coffee and use an interactive touchscreen to explore a selection of the library’s digital media.

The National Library’s vision for these pods was to create a unique audio-visual experience for each visitor and provide a taste of the diversity and wealth of the library’s digital content.

Creating the experience

To make the vision real, we held a user experience mapping workshop with the National Library’s project team and stakeholders.

We distilled their vision into a set of essential features that would provide an interface for the free exploration of the media in an organic and instinctual way.

Working collaboratively

Collaborating closely with the National Library’s project team, we built a kiosk-based site in Ruby on Rails. A large touchscreen presents the user with a checkerboard of images that invites them to interact with and explore the content, with maximum inspiration and minimal use of text.

Frequent meetings with the project team keep us focused yet flexible. We maintained high productivity over the very tight eight-week project timeframe, and delivered maximum value at each milestone along the way.