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Writing a business blog for busy people 720x544

12 tips for writing a business blog even busy people will read

These practical tips make writing a business blog — or other web content — easier and more effective, helping you promote the aims of your company or agency online.

Photo 1499540633125 484965b60031 352x235

Building team happiness through company-wide developer retrospectives

Rawpixel com 423663 352x241

Build trust with one-on-one meetings

Using the nga taonga web application 352x197

Complex web application project gets cost-effective solution

Technical debt entropy 352x234

Technical debt and entropy: what the laws of physics teach us about refactoring code

Life education homepage 352x225

Life Education leverages Agile development to keep kiwi kids healthy

Project kick off meeting toolkit cover 352x215

Agile project kick-off meeting toolkit

People in queue 737x508

Prioritisation tools and tips for Agile projects

Get a range of prioritisation tools and techniques you can use to ensure your project delivers the most value for the least effort and expense.

Design sprint case study 352x235

Google design sprint case study

Google sprint book logo 737x535

How to run a Google sprint

Google Sprint is a 5-day system for solving big business challenges. Learn what to expect from a Google sprint, and how to run one.

Sprint book post its pens 349x257

Google design sprint — why and when to run one

Using anyquestions 352x187

AnyQuestions: Helping kiwi kids thrive in the information age

Reading concept dragana gordic 352x235

Choose our next blog post topic

Parliament grounds from the air russell street 352x235

New Zealand Government consultancy panel

Handicapped by anas qtiesh1 352x240

Boost website accessibility and build traffic – 12 tips for website owners

Supplejack berries by tony wills 343x257

International appetite for Supplejack metadata aggregator

The beehive by russelstreet cc by sa2 licence 718x544

Boost joins new government Web Services Panel

Boost has been appointed to the new government Web Services Panel. Learn what this means for government agencies and how they can use the WSP.

Crop marvin ronsdorf 196913 352x222

Prioritise user stories and produce more value sooner

Slava bowman 161206 737x503

User story mapping – plot your path to a successful product

Learn how User Story Mapping can guide your move from visualising a product to building it and how to run the exercise in a project kick-off.

Gerry roarty 106734 343x257

Pragmatic personas template and tips

Boris stefanik 119211 crop 347x257

Elevator pitch template and tips

Newspaper oliver thomas klein 161835 343x257

Press release template and tips

Fredrick kearney jr 167020 352x235

The Team Charter – build a better team together

Gaelle marcel 161096 352x235

Product Vision presentations that inspire

Sonja langford 357 352x235

Project kick-off agenda: Running the workshop

Eric barbeau 23895 737x491

The Agile Project Kick-off Kit

About to start an Agile project? Find out what to expect from a Project Kick-off and how it can get your project off on the right foot.

Rktkn 77442 352x235

The Product Owner’s guide to working with developers

Image 0128 full 2x 726x544

Haml in Helpers

Haml is one of my favourite Rails plugins – I really like the way it simplifies views, makes sure they’re … Continued

Image 1544 full 2x 343x257

From good to great product ownership

Boosts 5 trends for 2017 352x235

Boost’s 5 trends for 2017

Photo 1469719847081 4757697d117a 352x235

The art of the retrospective

Image 1408 full 2x 343x257

Cutting-edge app stirs up more business for Streetwise Coffee

Image 1400 full 2x 343x257

Using the “Who” process for hiring developers and scrum masters

Image 1396 full 2x 343x257

How reducing your batch size is proven to radically reduce your costs

Image 1392 full 2x 725x544

Prioritising versus ordering: what is the difference and why does it matter?

Deciding on the most important thing to work on at any given time is not an easy task for a project team, … Continued

Image 1384 full 2x 343x257

3 top tips to set up your project for success

Image 1380 full 2x 726x544

Mindfulness and Agile – different sides of the same coin?

At face value there would seem to be no connection between Agile and mindfulness. After all, Agile is a project … Continued

Image 1376 full 2x 343x257

Te Papa changes tack to deliver their flagship website

Image 1372 full 2x 343x257

Clay McGregor gets Agile certified and scores a new career

Image 1368 full 2x 343x257

Railsn00bs gets a boosted presence

Image 1364 full 2x 343x257

How getting involved led to better outcomes for our client

Image 1360 full 2x 343x257

Waterfall and why it’s not suitable for software development

Image 1356 full 2x 343x257

Agile transition – workshopping the roles

Image 1352 full 2x 726x544

The case for organisational democracy

Check out our CEO Nathan’s new Blog post. Over the past four years we have worked to make our workplace … Continued

Image 1348 full 2x 343x257

‘Product ownership is a team sport’

Image 1344 full 2x 726x544

The Board – Episode 47 – Scaling Agile

In Episode 47 of The Board, we talk about: Scaling Agile Ways in which smaller teams can scale Agile Lean … Continued

Image 1340 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 46 – Agile Tools

Image 1336 full 2x 343x257

The direction I want to take MVP’s

Image 1332 full 2x 343x257

It’s got to be mobile first, no question

Image 1328 full 2x 343x257

There is no fold

Image 1324 full 2x 343x257

InfoQ interview: Building a Freedom-centered organisation

Image 1320 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 44 – Estimating

Image 1316 full 2x 726x544

Loving Evernote

For years I’ve used Evernote, poorly. Every where I go I run into people who swear their lives would disentegrate … Continued

Image 1312 full 2x 343x257

Working documentation – The perfect complement to working software

Image 1308 full 2x 726x544

Reduce risk by limiting work in progress

  Limiting working in progress (WIP) shortens the lead time for features. It reduces context switching and batch size, greatly … Continued

Image 1304 full 2x 343x257

Jim Highsmith offers a 2015 prescription for adaptive CIO leadership

Image 1300 full 2x 343x257

Don’t let ‘fair’ keep you from success

Image 1296 full 2x 343x257

The daily technique that will align your actions with your values

Image 1292 full 2x 343x257

Replacing the user story with the job story

Image 1288 full 2x 343x257

Nathan Donaldson – Thoughts, stories and ideas

Image 1280 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 43 – Agile Training

Image 1276 full 2x 726x544

The Board – Episode 42 – User Stories

In Episode 42 of The Board, we talk about: What a user story is Some of the difficulties people find … Continued

Image 1272 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 41 – Velocity

Image 1264 full 2x 726x544

The Board – Episode 40 – Developing Cross-Functional Teams

In Episode 40 of The Board, we talk about: Developing cross-functional teams Some of the difficulties and benefits associated with … Continued

Image 1260 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 39 – Is Agile the Goal?

Image 1256 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 38 – Impact Mapping

Image 1248 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 37 – Product Discovery Workshops

Image 1244 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 36 – Designing Agile Spaces

Image 1236 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 35 – Agile Fluency

Image 1232 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 34 – Scrum vs. Kanban

Image 1224 full 2x 726x544

The Board – Episode 33 – Arbejdsglaede “Happiness at Work”

In Episode 33 of The Board, we talk about: Arbejdsglaede or happiness at work benefits ranging from workflow to the … Continued

Image 1220 full 2x 343x257

The Board Episode 32 – Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

Image 1216 full 2x 726x544

The Board Episode 31- No Estimating and Mob Programming

In Episode 31 of The Board, we talk about: No estimating Mob programming Full Transcript Gavin Coughlan: Hello, and welcome … Continued

Image 1212 full 2x 343x257

Start up weekend Queenstown

Image 1208 full 2x 343x257

The joy of timeboxed meetings

Image 1204 full 2x 343x257

CSS Calc: Creating fluid layouts with more precision

Image 1200 full 2x 343x257

Impact mapping

Image 1196 full 2x 343x257

The Board Episode 30 – Signs you are doing Agile wrong

Image 1192 full 2x 343x257

The Board Episode 29

Image 1188 full 2x 726x544

The Board – Episode 28 – Agile health checklist

In Episode 28th of The Board we talk about a training day we recently ran and about our Agile health … Continued

Image 1184 full 2x 343x257

The Board Episode 27 – MVP vs MMP and CITCON

Image 1180 full 2x 726x544

The Board – Episode 26: Perceptions of Scrum

On episode 26 of The Board we talked about perceptions of Scrum, and in particular tackling negativity.

Image 1176 full 2x 343x257

Success sliders

Image 1172 full 2x 343x257

Scaled Agile Framework – Release Planning

Image 1168 full 2x 343x257

The smiley face game

Image 1164 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 25

Image 1160 full 2x 343x257

New free workshop – An introduction to running Agile projects at scale

Image 1156 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 24

Image 1152 full 2x 726x544

Building for mobile first

What is a mobile first approach? Instead of creating a website for the desktop first, then scaling it down for … Continued

Image 1148 full 2x 343x257

Agile Manifesto number four – How responding to change is testing a hypothesis

Image 1140 full 2x 726x544

Ringing out the red – making the most of the Boost blog

Having a blog is a very effective way to get exposure and build your brand. Your blog gives you a … Continued

Image 1136 full 2x 343x257

Guest post: Playing The Kanban game

Image 1128 full 2x 343x257

Boost leading the way in ibeacon technology

Image 1124 full 2x 343x257

What does Lego and building high quality software have in common?

Image 1120 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 22

Image 1116 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 21

Image 1112 full 2x 343x257

Scaled Agile Framework – The Team Level

Image 1108 full 2x 726x544

The Board – Episode 20

Episode 20 of The Board was presented by Kirstin Donaldson and Gavin Coughlan, both Agile coaches at Boost. Paul, usually the … Continued

Image 1104 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 19

Image 1100 full 2x 726x544

The Kanban game

Last Friday five of us took a couple of hours to sit down and play The Kanban game, which had … Continued

Image 1092 full 2x 343x257

SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification

Image 1088 full 2x 343x257

How does increased transparency reduce risk in software development projects?

Image 1084 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 18

Image 1080 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 17

Image 1076 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 16

Image 1072 full 2x 343x257

Reducing risk with Agile prioritisation

Image 1068 full 2x 726x544

Managing Risk with Agile

When I talk to CIOs, CTOs and CEOs in Government in New Zealand I hear the same things repeated over … Continued

Image 1064 full 2x 343x257

Online public services and Design Thinking for governments

Image 1060 full 2x 726x544

Boost at Agile 2013: Part 5 – Day Four

The final part of our series of posts about Agile 2013 has just gone up over on In today’s post we … Continued

Image 1056 full 2x 343x257

Research: The majority of mobile apps are being developed outside the U.S.

Image 1052 full 2x 343x257

Boost at Agile 2013: Part 4 – Day Three

Image 1048 full 2x 343x257

Boost at Agile 2013: Part 3 – Day Two

Image 1044 full 2x 343x257

Boost at Agile 2013: Part 2 – The Conference Begins

Image 1040 full 2x 343x257

Boost at Agile 2013: Part 1 – Constellations in the Bio-dome

Image 1036 full 2x 343x257

Think Visual workshop

Image 1032 full 2x 726x544

Jelly co-working at Boost

We’ve had a reshuffle of our workspace. The normal sitting desks are gone and we’ve now fully moved to stand … Continued

Image 1024 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 15

Image 1020 full 2x 726x544

Lost in translation…The Board

The husband of a member of our team mentioned recently that he’s been watching The Board and thinks it’s hilarious. … Continued

Image 1016 full 2x 343x257

Testing the Boost website – semantic differentiation

Image 1012 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 14

Image 1008 full 2x 343x257

Think Visual workshop, 29th August, Wellington

Image 1004 full 2x 343x257

Why stand up?

Image 1000 full 2x 343x257

An unexpected Scrum graphic

Image 0996 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 13

Image 0992 full 2x 726x544

The new Boost website is live

You may have noticed a bit of extra colour has crept in to the Boost website recently. After just over … Continued

Image 0988 full 2x 343x257

The Treasure Island Retrospective

Image 0980 full 2x 726x544

The Boost website evolution

It has been a while since we last posted an update on the progress of the Boost website. There have … Continued

Deathnooote 1 352x220

A Death Note for social media practices

Image 0968 full 2x 343x257

Do you need a Scrum Master?

Image 0964 full 2x 343x257

The Board – Episode 12

Image 0960 full 2x 343x257

The Board – episode 11

Image 0956 full 2x 343x257

The Board – episode 10

Image 0952 full 2x 343x257

The Board – episode 9

Image 0940 full 2x 726x544

The Board – episode 8

On episode 8 of The Board Nathan and Kirstin talked about Agile in China and the Scaled Agile Framework. We … Continued

Image 0936 full 2x 343x257

The Board – episode 7

Image 0932 full 2x 726x544

The Board, Episode 6

Paul Flewelling and Kirstin Donaldson hosted Episode 6 of The Board and they covered: Scrum teams, what they are, how … Continued

Image 0928 full 2x 343x257

The Board, Episode 5

Image 0924 full 2x 343x257

The Board, Episode 4

Image 0920 full 2x 343x257

The Board, Episode 3

Image 0916 full 2x 343x257

The Board, Episode 2

Image 0912 full 2x 343x257

The Board, Episode 1

Image 0908 full 2x 343x257

5 steps to better value for money in web application development

Image 0904 full 2x 726x544

Expanding the format of The Board

The Board, Boost’s live, Agile show, is expanding it’s format to include more of what we like best… you. We’re … Continued

Rope tim boote 55683 small 321x257

The Rope Game – discovering the power of collaboration

Image 0896 full 2x 726x544

Agile Manifesto number three

Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation This is the line that made me think Agile was crazy talk. Forever and as … Continued

Image 0888 full 2x 343x257

Agile Manifesto number two

Image 0884 full 2x 343x257

Agile Manifesto numero uno

Image 0876 full 2x 343x257

Certified Scrum Master course at Boost

Image 0872 full 2x 343x257

The tiny Scrum

Image 0868 full 2x 343x257

From boats to Agile

Image 0864 full 2x 343x257

Explaining an Agile Coach to Mother

Image 0860 full 2x 726x544

How we integrate UX and Design in to Scrum – An Agile Welly Presentation

Last night I gave a presentation for Agile Welly on how Boost integrates UX and Design in to Scrum. Thanks to everyone … Continued

Image 0856 full 2x 343x257

Boost Website progress

Image 0848 full 2x 726x544

Boost talks Agile

We like talking Agile and we like talking Agile with other practitioners so we’ve started our own TV channel on … Continued

Image 0844 full 2x 343x257

Boost Website progress

Image 0840 full 2x 343x257

Two new Agile workshops at Boost

Image 0836 full 2x 343x257

Boost celebrates Halloween

Image 0832 full 2x 343x257

Agile training with Boost and NZTE’s voucher scheme

Image 0828 full 2x 343x257

Scrummaker: The project kick-off

Image 0824 full 2x 343x257

Scrummaker: The technical discussion

Image 0820 full 2x 726x544

Scrummaker: The experience mapping workshop

On Thursday and Friday October 4 and 5, Boost closed its doors for an all-hands two-day product development workshop, to … Continued

Image 0812 full 2x 343x257

Scrummaker: the customer validation process

Image 0808 full 2x 726x544

Scrummaker, or, building a new Agile product in two days

Boost closed its doors for an all-hands two-day product development workshop, to build a new tool for teams running Agile retrospectives that we’ve named Scrummaker.

Image 0804 full 2x 343x257

Join us for a Scrum game run by Kane Mar

Image 0800 full 2x 343x257

Scrum and the Boost website, the evolution continues

Image 0796 full 2x 343x257

Scrum lunch at Boost

Image 0792 full 2x 343x257

Scrumming the Boost website

Image 0788 full 2x 343x257

Boost’s first Scrum lunch meetup

Image 0784 full 2x 343x257

Scrum meet-up at Boost

Image 0780 full 2x 725x544

Taking Scrum to Shanghai, China

In an ever more competitive world, Agile and Scrum are fast becoming necessities. We’re started a new company in Shanghai, … Continued

Image 0776 full 2x 343x257

Certified Scrum Master course at Boost

Image 0772 full 2x 726x544

Boost’s free Friday Agile workshops

Every Friday we run free workshops about Agile development here at the Boost offices in Wellington. To find out more, … Continued

Image 0768 full 2x 343x257

Test Driven Development and Agile

Image 0764 full 2x 343x257

WorldBlu officially recognizes Boost New Media as a democratic workplace

Image 0760 full 2x 343x257

From traditional project manager to Scrum Master – a free talk at Boost

Image 0756 full 2x 343x257

Webstock 2012: happy places, strategic creativity, and One Big Idea

Image 0748 full 2x 343x257

Webstock 2012: design and craft

Image 0740 full 2x 343x257

Behavior Driven Development and Cucumber, embracing agile development

Image 0736 full 2x 726x544

Business Analysts and Scrum projects: A short case study

In a recent post I discussed the question “Are user stories the same as use cases?”. This is a question … Continued

Image 0728 full 2x 343x257

Use cases vs user stories in Agile development

Image 0724 full 2x 726x544

Tina Fey’s Four Rules of Improv, as applied to Scrum

Driving home for Christmas, I listened to the audiobook version of Tina Fey’s Bossypants.* Listening to her read the chapter … Continued

Image 0716 full 2x 343x257

Scrum, a beginners experience

Image 0708 full 2x 343x257

Agile coaching: I thought I was, but I wasn’t

Image 0700 full 2x 343x257

My First Sprint (with Scrum)

Image 0696 full 2x 343x257

Pair programming: When and why

Image 0692 full 2x 343x257

The 2011 Scrum Guide – a quick review

Image 0688 full 2x 343x257

Improving user stories with a Definition of Ready

Image 0684 full 2x 726x544

IntuitionHQ wins Booster Seat 2011

The Boost office was buzzing yesterday when we got a call from Rich Chetwynd and Nicole Fougere from to … Continued

Image 0676 full 2x 343x257

Jeff Sutherland on the History and Structure of Scrum

Image 0672 full 2x 726x544

Free Friday Agile workshops at Boost

[Here’s the tl;dr version of this blog post. Every Friday we run free workshops about Agile development here at the … Continued

Image 0668 full 2x 343x257

Scrum in 10 Minutes

Image 0664 full 2x 343x257

Jean Tabaka on the Golden Circle of Agile & StackExchange for project management

Image 0660 full 2x 343x257

Data data everywhere: Pew Internet on social networking sites and A List Apart on the web design industry

Image 0656 full 2x 343x257

Agile experiments: creating user stories with story mapping and ‘buy a feature’ prioritisation

Image 0652 full 2x 343x257

10 Great Scrum and Agile Practitioners on Twitter

Image 0648 full 2x 343x257 – the UK Government releases an agile prototype for a single government website

Image 0644 full 2x 726x544

Adapting Agile’s visible workspaces to the humble to-do list

For the past three weeks I’ve been trialling a new form of to-do list, inspired by the Agile visible workspace. … Continued

Image 0640 full 2x 343x257

User testing workshop for EYC conference

Image 0636 full 2x 726x544

Rethinking our Civil Defence preparedness

As far as civil defence goes, we have always maintained a high level of preparedness, our bright yellow plastic water … Continued

Image 0632 full 2x 343x257

Jelly at Boost: Friday co-working for free

Image 0624 full 2x 343x257

Making good decisions about using social media

Image 0616 full 2x 343x257

User stories and stakeholders – bringing people on board with Agile

Image 0612 full 2x 343x257

User stories in action – the Agile development process

Image 0608 full 2x 343x257

User stories: a beginner’s guide to acceptance criteria

Image 0604 full 2x 343x257

User stories: a beginner’s guide

Image 0600 full 2x 726x544

Writing for the Web – same as it ever was?

I’m currently writing new copy for the Boost website, which will be relaunching soonish with an updated look and a … Continued

Image 0596 full 2x 343x257

Reminder: EYC unconference this weekend in Wellington

Image 0592 full 2x 726x544

7 steps to launching with great web content

Content. It’s the red-headed stepchild of any website project. The thing that 9 times out of 10 blows the time-line … Continued

Image 0580 full 2x 343x257

New look for the Poet Laureate on National Poetry Day

Image 0576 full 2x 343x257

Facebook is now the first step

Image 0572 full 2x 343x257

Friday links: design, development, usability and more

Image 0564 full 2x 343x257

ROI for social media: the human measure

Image 0560 full 2x 343x257

Working with Git

Image 0556 full 2x 343x257

iPads, laptops, and social interaction

Image 0548 full 2x 726x544

Here we go, here we go, here we go …

I’d like to make a small prediction. At about 4am this Sunday morning at the Wellington Convention Centre, 18 webbies … Continued

Image 0544 full 2x 343x257

Social media workshops for museums & galleries

Image 0536 full 2x 726x544

Custom application and CMS integration

When we release a SaaS web application, such as IntuitionHQ, it’s inevitable that there will be two parts that make … Continued

Image 0532 full 2x 343x257

Iterative design – working on IntuitionHQ to improve the user experience and usability

Image 0528 full 2x 343x257

DrupalSouth Presentation

Image 0524 full 2x 343x257

Scrum and Kanban – a developer’s perspective

Image 0520 full 2x 343x257

Drupal linked themes

Image 0512 full 2x 343x257

Scrum and Kanban – less is more

Image 0504 full 2x 343x257

Hosting in the cloud

Image 0500 full 2x 726x544

How the west was clustered

Our new product, IntuitionHQ, shows clusters of clicks on an image. To generate these clusters we made use of a … Continued

Image 0488 full 2x 343x257

What should break the test?

Image 0484 full 2x 726x544

Squirrel and the custom nut matcher

I recently found squirrel, and I wanted to use it for a project we’re working on to simplify some complex … Continued

Image 0476 full 2x 343x257

Choosing which database indexes to add

Image 0472 full 2x 343x257

Using Litmus to integrate cross-browser testing into our workflow

Image 0468 full 2x 343x257

Making your site Pixel Perfect

Image 0460 full 2x 343x257

DigitalNZ client library for ruby

Image 0444 full 2x 343x257

Writing tests/specs for existing code

Image 0428 full 2x 343x257

Flex radar chart component

Image 0424 full 2x 726x544

Extracting Active Directory SIDs with Ruby

Getting user and group information from Active Directory via LDAP is nearly easy, but I came across one hurdle. If … Continued

Image 0408 full 2x 343x257

Using Google Optimizer to improve your conversion rate

Image 0388 full 2x 726x544

JRuby presentation for WellRailed

On the 25th of February ’09 I did a brief JRuby presentation on JRuby and how we’re using it at … Continued

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