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Collaborating with the future: How to leave a lasting impression

The code that you leave behind is how future developers will think of you. Make sure you are collaborating with the future effectively.

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Sifting through your code base with ctags

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Two mobile apps in two weeks. Feasible? Yes. Fun? Definitely

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Building team happiness through company-wide developer retrospectives

Using the nga taonga web application 352x197

Complex web application project gets cost-effective solution

Technical debt entropy 352x234

Technical debt and entropy: what the laws of physics teach us about refactoring code

Life education homepage 352x225

Life Education leverages Agile development to keep kiwi kids healthy

Using anyquestions 737x392

AnyQuestions: Helping kiwi kids thrive in the information age

Find out how the AnyQuestions site was put together to help more kiwi kids learn how to find and recognise reliable information online.

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Boost website accessibility and build traffic – 12 tips for website owners

Supplejack berries by tony wills 725x544

International appetite for Supplejack metadata aggregator

The Supplejack open source metadata aggregator lets you harvest, search and share diverse data, from many sources, at scale. Find out how it does this and whether it can help your organisation.

The beehive by russelstreet cc by sa2 licence 339x257

All of government Web Services Panel: how to use it

Boosts 5 trends for 2017 352x235

Boost’s 5 trends for 2017

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Cutting-edge app stirs up more business for Streetwise Coffee

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How reducing your batch size is proven to radically reduce your costs

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3 top tips to set up your project for success

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Te Papa changes tack to deliver their flagship website

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CSS Calc: Creating fluid layouts with more precision

Recently I have been using the “calc()” css property to add more precision to the fluid layouts I’m working on. … Continued

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Building for mobile first

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Ringing out the red – making the most of the Boost blog

Having a blog is a very effective way to get exposure and build your brand. Your blog gives you a … Continued

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What does Lego and building high quality software have in common?

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The new Boost website is live

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The Boost website evolution

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5 steps to better value for money in web application development

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Boost Website progress

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Scrummaker: The project kick-off

Image 0824 full 2x 726x544

Scrummaker: The technical discussion

On Thursday and Friday October 4 and 5, Boost closed its doors for an all-hands two-day product development workshop, to … Continued

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Scrummaker: The experience mapping workshop

Image 0812 full 2x 726x544

Scrummaker: the customer validation process

On Thursday and Friday October 4 and 5, Boost closed its doors for an all-hands two-day product development workshop, to … Continued

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Scrummaker, or, building a new Agile product in two days

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Scrum and the Boost website, the evolution continues

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Test Driven Development and Agile

Image 0740 full 2x 343x257

Behavior Driven Development and Cucumber, embracing agile development

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Pair programming: When and why

Image 0676 full 2x 343x257

Jeff Sutherland on the History and Structure of Scrum

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Jelly at Boost: Friday co-working for free

Jelly at Boost is casual co-working in Wellington. This post explains why Boost opens its doors to independent workers each week for free.

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Friday links: design, development, usability and more

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Working with Git

During a brief slow period on a Friday afternoon I started pondering how much work I actually do, and if … Continued

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DrupalSouth Presentation

Image 0524 full 2x 343x257

Scrum and Kanban – a developer’s perspective

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Drupal linked themes

Image 0512 full 2x 343x257

Scrum and Kanban – less is more

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How the west was clustered

Image 0488 full 2x 343x257

What should break the test?

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Squirrel and the custom nut matcher

I recently found squirrel, and I wanted to use it for a project we’re working on to simplify some complex … Continued

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Choosing which database indexes to add

Image 0472 full 2x 726x544

Using Litmus to integrate cross-browser testing into our workflow

Cross-browser compatibility issues are the bane of web developers world-wide and in this ever shifting landscape it is important to … Continued

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Making your site Pixel Perfect

Image 0428 full 2x 343x257

Flex radar chart component

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JRuby presentation for WellRailed

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