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The direction I want to take MVP’s

Below is a really great read about Minimum Viable Products’s (MVP’s). Different MVP types, when to use them and how … Continued

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It’s got to be mobile first, no question

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There is no fold

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Building for mobile first

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Ringing out the red – making the most of the Boost blog

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Testing the Boost website – semantic differentiation

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The new Boost website is live

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The Boost website evolution

It has been a while since we last posted an update on the progress of the Boost website. There have … Continued

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How we integrate UX and Design in to Scrum – An Agile Welly Presentation

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Boost Website progress

We are still working behind the scenes on the Boost website and another sprint has come to an end, bringing … Continued

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Jelly at Boost: Friday co-working for free

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New look for the Poet Laureate on National Poetry Day

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Friday links: design, development, usability and more

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Iterative design – working on IntuitionHQ to improve the user experience and usability

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Using Litmus to integrate cross-browser testing into our workflow

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Making your site Pixel Perfect

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Using Google Optimizer to improve your conversion rate

It seems that week on week Google introduces new tools without fanfare and it’s easy for these to slip by … Continued

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