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By Nick Butler in Other on December 18, 2017

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Boost News is our fortnightly email newsletter. It’s our way of sharing what we’ve learnt as Agile coaches and trainers, as web and app developers, and as a freedom-centred workplace.

Boost News offers Agile tools and tips, case studies on developing digital tools that get you closer to your customers, ideas for making your organisation work better, upcoming events, and anything else we think will help you make a difference. Plus you’ll get the latest on what’s happening here at Boost HQ.

If you want to learn more about anything covered in the newsletter, or you have feedback or suggestions, please contact us.

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Past issues


Boost News 16 January 2018 – New tools for the New Year

The first issue of Boost News for the New Year focuses on new tools. These include a new SEO guide from Google and a case study on how to test if a new idea will work. And we also look at ctags, a tool to help developers save money by speeding up debugging complex code bases.


12 December 2017 – Writing tips, industrial Agile, Santa’s secrets, & more

In the celebration issue of Boost News we check out Santa’s Agile scorecard. You’ll also get writing tips for content promoting your organisation and find out about Agile for teams doing industrial-scale work. Plus, hear how Minister Clare Curran celebrated sites we built.

28 November 2017 – Video chat tips, team talks, & more

This issue of Boost News talks about talking. You’ll get tips for video chats, an insight into the benefits of one-on-one meetings and a retrospective view of whole-company retrospectives. We also have some suggestions for conference talks you might want to watch online.

14 November 2017 – How collaboration gets better results

Find out how collaboration can turn your team into stars. There’s a range of practical tools, tips and demos. There’s also a case study on how organisations can unite their digital resources when they decide to join together. And you’ll find out how developers and product owners can work together to combat entropy in software.

31 October 2017 – The User Experience issue

This issue focuses on UX or User Experience: how someone feels when they use something. Great products and services have great UX. But how can you learn what kind of experience your customers want, and how do you deliver that experience?

17 October 2017 – Partnering with a giraffe, & more

Read a case study on how Harold the giraffe and his colleagues at Life Education found the Agile development process. Learn about the Te Papa digital skills panel and check out which Agile training package suits your aims and experience.

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