New Zealand Government consultancy panel: how to use it

By Nick Butler in Agile on July 03, 2017

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New Zealand state sector agencies can simplify the way they hire consultants by using the All of Government (AoG) consultancy panel. This post looks at the benefits you get and how you can make use of use the panel.

How the Government consultancy panel helps

New Zealand Government Procurement logo. NZGP look after the Government consultancy panel.

The AoG panel takes the hassle out of procuring consulting services. That’s because the New Zealand Government Procurement team have done the hard work of selecting the right consultants and negotiating competitive rates.

“These panels have the necessary capacity, capability and expertise to deliver excellent services and solutions to eligible agencies,” say the Procurement team.

As a result you get:

Who can use the Government consultancy panel

All state sector agencies big and small can use the panel. This includes central and local government, boards, commissions, SOEs, schools and many other organisations. If you’re unsure, you can check your eligibility on the Government procurement site.

How to use the panel

  1. Email [email protected] to get a non-disclosure agreement. This mean you can access commercially sensitive information. Your agency only has to do this once.
  2. Once you’ve signed your NDA you’ll get a login to the secure portal for AoG contracts, inSource.
  3. Using the tools and guidance on inSource, check how the AoG consulting contract can best meet your needs.
  4. Review the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the consulting procurement team. (This team is known as the Centre of Excellence or CoE). You then agree to the MoU terms and conditions, and the related AoG contract. You do this via a Letter of Accession (LoA).
  5. To select who you want to work with, check the Online Panel Directory. You’ll get the login details when you sign the LoA.
  6. Then you agree on the work with the consultant. This is done via a Consultancy Services Order (CSO).

Boost’s government consultancy services

Selection on the panel makes Boost one of the NZ government’s consultants of choice for Business and Finance services. Within this area, we provide services in the following panel categories: Business Change, Human Resource, Marketing and Public Relations and Policy, Research and Development.

We specialise in training and consulting in Agile and Lean.

Run better projects and programmes

Our services draw on our own experience managing complex projects, and 6 years spent delivering Agile training. This means Boost can help you run projects and programmes that deliver more value to the taxpayer, sooner.

We can help you improve your project and programme management capability in:

Business change

We can help you build the skills and processes needed to deliver effective change programmes. At the same time, you’ll build resilience by lifting your ability to react to changes in your operating context. Additionally, you’ll learn best practice processes for delivering what your customers need.

We can advise, support and train your team in the following Business Change areas:

Learning and development

The proven effectiveness of Agile means it can bring a number of organisation development benefits. Firstly, it can help you build key staff competencies. It can also boost staff motivation and help you build stronger teams. And you can deliver effective professional development through certified training pathways.

You can access our Agile and Lean expertise in these areas:

Accessing Boost’s Government consultancy services

To achieve the goals above, you can choose one or more of the following Boost service offerings:

Government Web Services Panel

Along with the Government consultancy panel, Boost is also on the All of Government approved panel for website and application development. Learn more about the Web Services Panel.

Learn more

AoG consultancy services buyer’s guide (PDF)

New Zealand Government Procurement consultancy services information

For more information, you can contact the Consultancy Services Centre of Expertise (CoE):

[email protected]

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