Can PRINCE2 and Agile project management work together?

Agile & PRINCE2

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Why take the course?

agile professional development

Work in both worlds

Understand where Agile and PRINCE2 align, and how to manage the areas where they diverge.

agile professional development

Real-world relevance

Learn with active practitioners who've worked in both project management menthodologies; what's worked and what hasn't worked.

agile professional development

Agile and agency requirements

Find out how Agile teams have met agency requirements for project inception, governance and documentation.

What customers are saying

"One of the key benefits is that Boost is also a development company, which means they bring real-world experience to their training. I highly recommend them."

- James McLean

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Who the course is for

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in delivering Agile projects in a PRINCE2 environment, and has an understanding of both methodologies.

What you will learn

It has long been said that PRINCE2 and Agile are diametrically opposed project management methodologies, and people in one camp are often dismissive of the other. Whilst there are many points of difference, it is possible for both approaches to be used alongside each other. One of the main points of PRINCE2 project management is that it is able to be tailored to each situation, and Agile's values and principles allow enough flexibility for it to flourish as long as common sense is applied.

Our Agile and PRINCE2 certified coaches will explore the ways they have seen the two methodologies exist and thrive alongside each other. A mix of lecture style and practical exercises will demonstrate the concepts and ensure the workshop is an engaging, thought-provoking and interactive insight into Agile and PRINCE2 project management approaches. In this free 2 hour course you will learn about:

agile professional development Agile governance

Governance in Agile project management

agile professional development Working together

How Agile planning can fit within a PRINCE2 project

agile professional development Documentation

How PRINCE2 documentation requirements can be satisfied within an Agile project

agile professional development Similarities

The similarities with PRINCE2 and Agile project inceptions

agile professional development Team engagement

How Agile teams can flourish in a PRINCE2 environment

agile professional development Role alignment

How PRINCE2 and Agile roles align

2 Hours

Course length

Wellington NZ

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